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Content Strategy

Blog Date and Time Nov 10th, 2017

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The more digital you are, the more accessible you are. It has become true after PM Narendra Modi’s push for digital India reforms. From our payment habits to buying habits we prefer things digital. People search anything online before getting there physically. It became more evident after Reliance Jio’s arrival as mobile operator. The internet has become a habit of Indians. The data rates have become affordable. This led to a change in behavior. Content is playing important role. We are becoming more information driven.

Nowadays when we have a query we do not immediately search for expert in the field. We find information related to query first. The tendency to believe what comes early in search result has increased. This has its own advantages and disadvantages. Business or brands who understand this online behavior are creating their content accordingly. The way people like to search them rather than how you would like to be searched.

This welcome change is behavior is consumer driven. Brands have shifted their focus from regular content to graphic content to video content. With the affordable data prices in India now the video content usage has increased. A consumer would like to watch more about what he/she is searching. Smart graphics, infographics have taken place of regular content writing.

At Techzaade we have understood this paradigm shift of user and served our clients accordingly. We offer a mix of written, graphic content and video content to clients. It helps their brand to be more consumers friendly. This content strategy has improved the SEO for brand.

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